Episode 16: JS Choi

— 1 minute read

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Welcome to tc39er.us a podcast where we will be discussing about Javascript and everything under the hood with the TC39 delegates!

In this episode we shall be talking to J. S. Choi, MD a physician of internal medicine and clinical informatics, has a double major in Physiology, double minor in Computer Science and Chemistry and preserving his Clinical Informatics Fellowship at Indiana University

Choi is an independent contributor to discussions of several standards bodies including the WHATWG (HTML5), ECMA Technical Committee 39 (JavaScript / ECMAScript), the W3C (CSS, Web Annotations), and the Unicode Consortium. Also interested in health-informatics standards such as HL7.

In this episode we shall be talking about:

  • Choi's story: How he got into tech and TC39!
  • Commonality between medical and computer science.
  • Proposal for body-part emoji
  • Choi's proposals and The Hack pipes proposal.
  • His favorite TC39 proposals and whys.

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P.S: This is a community effort and not an offical TC39 podcast.