Episode 19 - Justin Ridgewell

— 1 minute read

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Welcome to tc39er.us a podcast where we will be discussing about Javascript and everything under the hood with the TC39 delegates!

In this episode we shall be talking to Justin Ridgewell, Senior Software Engineer at Google. A core contributor to several of the most popular open-source projects and indeed a delegate to TC39.

In this episode we shall be talking about:

  • Justin's journey in the tech industry
  • Experiences from contributions to Babel
  • Projects and life and Google
  • Lessons from presenting at TC39
  • Proposals he is currently working on [Author of Logical Assignments and Array Grouping]
  • His favorite proposal and why!

Buy me ☕️ 🥛.

P.S: This is a community effort and not an offical TC39 podcast.