Episode 3 - Myles Borins

— 1 minute read

Welcome to a podcast where we will be discussing about Javascript and everything under the hood with the TC39 delegates!

In this show, we shall be talking to who is :

  • Artist, musician, developer, and maker
  • Part Technical Steering Committee @nodejs
  • Director Of Open JS foundation.
  • Co-Chair @tc39
  • Developer Avocado @google.

We shall be discussing:

  • What brought him into the tech world?
  • More about node TSC.
  • Whys of OpenJS Foundation?
  • What are the most challenging aspects of being a co-chair @TC39?
  • Can you tell us about your fav (top-level await) proposal?
  • is-promise hiccups.

P.S: This is a community effort and not an offical TC39 podcast.

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